Wars Fought

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Untitled (Suite of 32 Works) by Peter SchuyffUntitled (Suite of 32 Works) by Peter Schuyff 

On the upper part of the central picture; an image of a beleaguered battle ship superimposed with horizontal lines seemingly depicting the laths of a shade; covering a window or an opening from which somebody is peeping, taking in the entire scene in outside. The lower part however displays battling ships; the scene completed by eruptions of sea water depicting a fierce sea battle being fought superimposed with triangles depicting a graphic representation of the letter W.

Bordering the two images is a collage of a collection of abstract geometric military tableaux of grids, nets and other figures majestically rendered adding depth to the illusion. This is a unique forte of the artist endowing his paintings its own signature.

Black White Shades of Oranges and Reds

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“Bottles & Jars XIX” by Peri Schwartz“Bottles & Jars XIX” by Peri Schwartz

The images in the picture could stand for anything when you view it from afar. What you could define from the scene are only the colors that are arranged in significance of something that the artist wants to convey.

And what is this substantial insinuation?

Perspective often colors our views of things and situations. Moods and emotional states often do affect it too. Visually some may be hindered by the blindness that are often incited by the state of their minds and emotions. However persistence always rewards the patient for they may draw the response they most wanted in the end.

But giving up because time and common sense forbid you to pursue; will never be held against you. For only a few are gifted with patience that could endure everything that time and circumstances render.

Magical Combines

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“Diamond Dust shoes”, by Andy Warhol“Diamond Dust shoes”, by Andy Warhol

The picture displays an almost realistic depiction of shoes that shines because of the diamond dusts sprinkling it. The perfect symmetry of the shoes would often let the viewer mistake its falsehood as the real thing. Magnificence are not always endowed by shimmers and sparkles but also by the perfection of details.

What hinted of untruth?

Artists they are so called because of their ability to depict real objects into realistic paintings; as if taking the tangible item, squeezing and collapsing it then stick it into the canvass. For they wouldn’t be called such misnomer for anything less than their art. Art meaning not only skill or talent but both these two in one magical combines.

From the first line drawn into the canvass to the smudges of colors that filled the bare areas bordered by the lines until the last brush stroke that evens out the periphery of the image; one could visualized the artist’s pain, exuberance and oblivion.

Delineated Ambiguity

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