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Untitled in Blue by Liu YujunUntitled in Blue by Liu Yujun

Cropped images of two pretty young women are displayed in this picture. Their facial expression seems to convey dazed airs; just like being hit right smack in the middle of doing something. Of what, the picture doesn’t tell.

If innocence could be belied by airs, why are criminals judged by their miens when confronted with their wrong doings. How rightful are the critics to say an individual is as guilty as he looks? For couldn’t he be feeling sick because of natural maladies; why put guilt in its place just because he looks ill?

Pictures captured or drawn out of some descriptive perspective would always lead to captures of criminals from long ago up to now. A likeness will always implicate the one perceived guilty rather than prove innocence by that portrait?

A Vase and A Woman’s Thigh

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Royal Danish by Ole AhlbergRoyal Danish by Ole Ahlberg

A stockinged leg is displayed propped up a wall or a bed head. Part of a woman’s private anatomy could be glimpsed adding eroticism to the view. The vase in the forefront could be a décor on top of the table fronting the picture or it could be an aperture from where the woman could be viewed inside.

How is sensuality intuited?

The question is; why are fleshly desires always fancied in relation to women? Why can’t erogenous pictures display men instead?

That should be the question everybody should be bearing in mind right now, in this world where even children are objects of the baseness of humanity. Why can’t be the women features of womanly virtues where indeed they are, as men features of productiveness and diligence. Will a picture of a woman hard at work with hair uncombed and clothes askew, perspiration and tears seen by all and never judged afresh.

Galaxy Fusions

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Untitled (Universe Series) by Song WeiUntitled (Universe Series) by Song Wei

There are so many ways our universe had been considered and there’s just so many ways we could believe each. Perceptions could be affected by the angle or the perspective a scenery is being viewed from. Hence one scenery could be captured in just so many different ways; it’s up to the viewer what and which of them will he consider for fact or for pleasure.

Here the artist display an abstraction of the universe; the way he perceived it to be. As this picture is one of a series, this could be just one of his perspective.

As a viewer and the one unfolding this tale to you I have the privilege of choosing what ponderous thoughts I own about it.

To me this is a scene from the murky depths of the ocean, where only those that possess their own lighting could be discerned, and what else they be but those raucous electric ells and rambunctious moon jellyfish.

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