Hermes Crafts

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Spokes n” Strokes by Jonathan SeligerSpokes n” Strokes by Jonathan Seliger

A perfect depiction of the Hermes paper bag or the box; done with almostradical precision, showcasing the artist’s craftsmanship and eye for detail. These are provided by this designer boutique to their customers to carry their merchandize in.The perfect lines and the very clean and neat illustration of the Emporio Armani Logo is a clear indication that the artist love and respect his craft too much that even with just a representation he allowed the picture to lit upwith very high distinction.

A useful accoutrement to a high end shopping bash, this image had already done so many proud that they could carry this bag with pride slung across their arm, one at a time or several all at once.

A jaded witness to countless frocks, suits and evening dresses, this paper bag or box had already witnessed some hopes raised high but only crashed by carelessness that neither acknowledge nor revived.

Reflection 1957

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Reflection 1957 (Hughie Lee-Smith, 1915 – 1999)Reflection 1957 (Hughie Lee-Smith, 1915 – 1999)

Hughie Lee-Smith was born into a United States deeply divided along racial lines. Afro-Americans lived a surreal existence, surrounded by barriers indicating where they might, and where they might not go. When he finally achieved recognition from the Detroit School of Arts in 1953, he was able to look back and say:

I was no longer called black artist, negro artist, coloured boy. When I won that prize, all of a sudden, there was no longer a racial designation.

He married three times, was divorced twice and produced a single child. His paintings are surreal and often depict a single figure alone in a vast landscape. We know he served in the U.S. Navy during World War Two. Could the sailor in the picture be Hughie Lee-Smith alone in a brisk wind among a forest of fishing rods. If it is, what do you think is on his mind?

His work went largely unnoticed in his lifetime. Funds for art investment remained largely in white hands. Corporates did not want pictures of isolated African-Americans ignoring each other on their boardroom walls. Pictures of their crumbling tenements did not make pretty postcards.

I wonder how much precious human inspiration suffocated in prejudice down the centuries. We, you and I are the poorer for it.


Fatal Role Play

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Game by Li SongsongGame by Li Songsong

The scene depicted is that of an apparently captors and captive role play between teenage boys. The swampy marsh in the backdrop is very typical of a hidden Eden for little boys of all ages to play in.

But what if it isn’t role play, but truth is the boys are members of combating gangs who take turns in torturing members of their competitor. What if the game is played too far and they all get hurt in the process?

Hinted by the artist are ideas that beware of games most of the times are played through role play, because it may effect or may become the root of some complex behavioral pattern that will manifests into their grown-up days.

As the pen and brush extends the artist’s heart and cause he to express such reigned in emotions; role play also extends Psychological distresses into acts that may initiate an avalanche of uncontrollable incidents reliant with the actor’s mood.

Delineated Ambiguity

Delineated Ambiguity

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Caught Unawares

Caught Unawares

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