Remembering the Fallen Ones

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Defeated Warrior by MahmudDefeated Warrior by Mahmud

There are moments that we seem to remember things in the past. Memories come after the other sometimes in sequence just like a slideshow but most often in random just like flashes of pains and joys; fleeting but penetrating.

The image of a man’s head in the picture is presented by the artist somewhat acting like he is in retrospect. The procession of abstract images in the background brought the man into the forefront; seemingly presenting connections absent yet tangible.

Sometimes viewers may miss to perceive the connection between the background images and the man or some may sense the connection and create their own melodrama.

Memories may be good or bad; joyful or sad; exulting or lamenting but still those are memories their part of the person may they be injured by it or be dignified by it.

Les Loisirs

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Les Loisirs (Fernand Léger, 1881 – 1995)Les Loisirs (Fernand Léger, 1881 – 1995)

Fernand Léger was born in rural Normandy, France, where his father had a cattle farm. When he turned sixteen he left home, and become apprenticed to an artist. The time he spent in First World War trenches disturbed him greatly. After he barely survived a mustard gas attack, he emerged to produce angry work that expressed frustration.

By the time he painted this picture in 1948 he was entering a post-cubism phase, and expressing his belief that ‘the object in modern painting must become the main character and overthrow the subject. If, in turn, the human form becomes an object, it can considerably liberate possibilities for the modern artist’.

He has posed these figures relaxing at leisure – for that is what Les Loisirs means -in a way that strips them of their personality. There is no sentimentality here at all. Perhaps living through two World Wars and almost dying in the first one knocked that out of him. Some say he was the father of ‘pop art’. Spare a moment to admire the form and content of the picture, and his remarkable use of colour.


Black and Red Triangles

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Untitled Abstraction by James BallaUntitled Abstraction by James Balla

The picture is an abstract display of a square shaped figure completely occupied by black and red triangles in varied sizes. The triangles not only vary in sizes but also in shape; which in some triangles are not perfect.

This kind of picture allows the viewer to interpret the presented image from the best perspective he would view it. Abstract presents an array of images that seems to proceed from one perspective to the other resembling a pageant’s jauntiness.

But some abstract offers tragedy when observed from selected perspective.  The gaiety displayed and perceived throughout the initial viewing may turn out to be the opposite when seen from another point of view. Moods and certain dispositions may also influence the viewer’s comprehension of the presented image. Instead of interpreting the joy offered by the picture he may perceive sarcasm.

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