Friends and Bondage

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My Happy Baby-Ring by ZengLingxinMy Happy Baby-Ring by ZengLingxin

A depiction of a bejeweled ring and earing that is on the forefront of the picture while miniature modern Chinese ladies dance delightedly around the jewels. There are correlations between the unusual sizes of the jewelries and the featured humans’ sizes. There is a hint signified by the unnatural display.

This picture illustrates the current mental and social status of China’s youth. Where China is currently exploring all possible material markets; their country’s socio economic relationship stayed as outdated as their exotic jars. But their social awareness is fast catching up with the new money their modern breeds of businessmen are bringing in.

The fondness and thirst of the modern young population of China also mirror their fast escape from their communism bond, but halfway out of the old bondage they are again seeking bondage that is influenced by their government’s much hated Capitalism Ideology.

St Matthew

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St Matthew (Frans Hals, 1580 to 1666)St Matthew (Frans Hals, 1580 to 1666)

The delicate detailing in this picture almost blew me away when I saw it. Just look at the wrinkles on the saint’s forehead, and his flowing beard. It seems as if the paint on the canvas might still be wet. The subject is reading intently while a young child looks expectantly up at him, like granddaughter and grandfather reading a book together. Saint Matthew was an author of a book in the Bible, and his writings have lived down the centuries.

Frans Hals is regarded as a leading Dutch Golden Age painter, although he was actually born in a part of Belgium that was under Dutch rule. At that time, his style was revolutionary because he deliberately exposed his brush strokes. There were many scandalous reports about him, including that he was a drunk who beat his wife. In reality, he was a loving husband and father who sired eight children.

After painting portraits of kings, princes and politicians for decades, Frans Hals (perhaps because he chose a few controversial subjects) fell from grace and fortune and depended on a municipal pension in his old age. After he passed away aged eighty-six, his widow died anonymously in a poorhouse maintained by guardians of the poor. How badly do we treat our heroes when they fall from grace! How we neglect our parents sometimes too.


Unchain me if you can

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Blooming Soul by Shin Young MiBlooming Soul by Shin Young Mi

A nude Korean girl sit on the floor her long hair braided and wrapped around her like a shackling chain. She looked groomed and clean as if preparing for some celebration of sorts. Her features displaying a serene countenance as if expecting a fate not much worse than she already have.

Serenity emanates from where?

She’s sitting down on the floor in a very relaxed manner with legs all in one side, not showing any signs of preparing for a sudden lunge when given the chance. She’s calm and collected as if knowing something will get better soon, right after the storm she’ll be going through in a moment.

In many Asian countries like in Korea, women know their lot in this world. Either they will be sacrificial lambs to save Empires, Businesses and Family Honor or the constant Home Builder, always right at home when needed or not.

Delineated Ambiguity

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Caught Unawares

Caught Unawares

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