Lone Tree in the Field

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Personaje Vegetal de cualquierDia by Tomás SánchezPersonaje Vegetal de cualquierDia by Tomás Sánchez

This is an image of a solitary tree amidst a vast field of grasses near a body of water. The scene depicts a time of day that is hazy and gray. This could be an afternoon after a heavy rain or a cloudy scene preceding a storm.

From where did the loneliness stem?

Depicted in all its glory a tree is surrounded by a wide field overgrown with grasses. The tree’s contemporaries stand far into the backdrop denoting a distance that could be faraway even if viewed from numerous perspectives.

Portraying a realistic landscape that could be seen outside a train window or a travelling car this conveys to the viewer some depth of introspection only a genius can provide. The audience could sympathize with the implied profoundness or they each may see the tree as a solitary superior plant life standing guard over the less important vegetation.

Summer Day

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Summer Day (Berthe Morisot, 1841 – 1895)Summer Day (Berthe Morisot, 1841 – 1895)

Morisot was relatively unique. She was the only female artist of note in the French impressionist movement, and brought a feminine touch to the school. She and her sister were children of an important state official, and could have lived a life of leisure had she wished. Instead, she chose to study art under guidance of a master of the classic school.

Things took a different turn after she met Manet in 1868, and married his brother. Within ten years, she was painting in a distinctive style featuring generous brush strokes over silvery-tinted canvas. This picture, painted in 1879 after she turned thirty-eight is a good example of the way she gave her subjects better definition.

It is easy to forget how difficult it was for women to enter professional art in the middle nineteenth century, even in the avant-garde world of Paris. Look beyond the two figures in the boat towards the background. This is exquisitely worked, with a subtlety of detail that makes me wish that I were there.


Bones and Blooms

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Ni Flowers by Carlos QuintanaNi Flowers by Carlos Quintana

Two figures are depicted supported by bones amidst a seemingly swampy background, complete with paltry illumination blatantly fantastical but persuasively mysterious. Suspended as is; the figures look like blooms on bones and skeletons in an otherworldly presentation.

How ethereal is the presentation?

Balancing the backdrop and the central figures the artist uses some plays of colors representing balance and symmetry of light and darkness. Strokes and lines manifest into contrasts that lend mystery to the portrait. An unusual image depicting in depth fantasy; the artist imparts to the viewer his own formula of a seemingly occult realization.

The image is portraying slightly real prospects delineating fantasy. In its pure form this sight is captured by the artist’s mind and given meaning by his hands and eyes. Every viewer is granted freedom to glean from the picture his own scrutiny.

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