Bitten Rose

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Little Girl by Wang ZhijieLittle Girl by Wang Zhijie

In contrast to the innate chinky Chinese eyes;the artist bestowed on her work of art the large voluminous eyes many Chinese girls dreamt of. There could be some who really love the way their physique are presented but there may be a few who saw themselves with eyes other than their own in their dreams.

The porcelain skin typical of Chinese women is retained though clearly stating sentiments are favorable in this area. Complimented by the luminosity of the huge eyes and the well-formed pink lips that is lightly biting a vibrant pink rose hint of innocence well founded in being.

A mood unbroken, by the suggested seduction hinted at by her shoulders and the slightly inviting tilt to her head.

Is she really as guiltless as her mien suggested or she is only innocent in her physique but never in her thoughts?

Viaduct at L’Estaque

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Viaduct at L'Estaque (George Braque, 1882 – 1963)Viaduct at L’Estaque (George Braque, 1882 – 1963)

George Braque was an impressionist cubist. This meant he imposed geometric structures over his subjects. He was a contemporary of Pablo Picasso and arguably the better of the two. However the former’s flamboyant personality and showmanship overshadowed him, and his work has moved largely out of public focus.

Look closely at this remarkable picture. A ‘viaduct’ is a long, high bridge that carries a road or railway line across a valley or a gorge. We see three arches of it in the centre of the frame, with what seems like factories behind it, and a house in the foreground behind huge rocks. The trees around it are like gently enveloping fingers. George Braque has interpreted part of something larger, and eloquently preserved it for all time.

He painted this picture in 1908 at the age of twenty-six. At the time, he and Picasso were close friends and their paintings were remarkably similar. In 1915, he received a head wound at the battle for the French town of Carency that left him temporarily blinded. Picasso nursed him back to health in a process he described as ‘like being roped together on a mountain’.



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Iraq Balloon Terror by Lee Dong-ukIraq Balloon Terror by Lee Dong-uk

Balloons’ signifying terror, fright and confusions helps to express the uncertainty felt by an unrested soul contained within a mind aware of every drop of dread sublimely afforded by a plastic filled with a light colorless smoke. Terrorisms often are connected to profusions of smokes emanated by burnt edifices and animated bodies once full of the vigor of life but now empty of potency and totally exposed.

Disquiet and ambiguousness culled from the core; finds expression so fanciful that defining an obscurity with single mindedness may grant or withheld freedom.  A medium was discovered on how to exemplify depth of passions but how to exhibit the variety; but with colors and contrast clearly hinting diversity.

A balloon may be filled with the pure lightness of air but it could also contain warm human breathes breathe, blowing it into fullness intended to delight a beloved. Ohhh what pureness of joy does a full blown balloon fill.


Delineated Ambiguity

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Caught Unawares

Caught Unawares

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