A Brave New Start

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WITNESS by Guillermo Kuitca and Bill Woodrow,  2010


Witness by Guillermo Kuitca and Bill Woodrow,  2010

The taxi dropped me off on the corner of God-knows-where and Help-Me-Now. So that’s what it must have felt like to step on the moon, I thought, as my food collided with an inconveniently-placed smear of dog’s droppings. I had arrived at my new workplace – in a new country – on a new continent – on what felt like an entirely different planet.

Saffron skies, pungent, yellow smells and the sharp, Cyprian green of young trees assaulted my senses as I tried to come to grips with where I had landed. I made my giant few leaps onto the tarmac – my first steps into a new life! Little did I know, my new colleagues where already waiting for me.

They were a mysterious bunch, made even more inscrutable the obstacles in culture and language that presented themselves. I haltingly introduced myself in their language – a few greetings of which I tried to learn on the plane journey over – and burned bright red with embarrassment. They smiled calmly, and told me to go through the door to the left. It was dark, small and foreboding. But, I thought to myself, all new things are. I picked up my suitcase and walked in.

~ Meandering Maude

Image Source: http://www.artnet.com/auctions/artists/guillermo-kuitca-and-bill-woodrow/witness-guillermo-kuitca-born-in-argentina-and-bill-woodrow-born-in-england

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