A Red Ball

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Sunset by Andy Warhol

Sunset by Andy Warhol

This is a screenprint on paper one out of the 40 prints of a series by Andy Warhol. A very radiant and equally stunning red ball depicting a setting sun against a blue gray background. Andy Warhol in this series depicted different states and colors of sunsets and horizons in the background. Each work equally magnificent and yet each is poignantly different.

Looking at the different prints works that composed the series one could relate varied emotions and state of minds with the works displayed. Not an abstraction but a direct manifestation of emotions and ideas correlating to what he perceive from life. Vibrant colors, subdued tones and fluted hues mixed and matched arranging unstaged sentiments.

From the lightest of colors to the intenseness of the hues one could not helped but be affected by the implied sensation. Thirsting and yearning for release or for realization those bottled up feelings have found their way to be recognized and celebrated. 

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