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There is a great deal of talent in our world today that too often goes to waste because of factors out of people’s control. There’s no need for in-depth knowledge about Art, just a passion for creativity. Reaching out to both art enthusiast as well as people who feel that they “cannot be part of that world because they know nothing about Art”, we established the ARTSHARKS Blog. The ARTSHARKS Blog is the product of volunteer contributing writers who are passionate about art and creativity, and want to play a role in ARTSHARKS quest to ‘Bridge the Art Gap’ by incorporating a creative piece of artwork (film, photo, painting, etc) into everyday life. It aims to demonstrate that there’s no need for in-depth knowledge about Art, just an appreciation for beauty and creativity. If you would like to be part of the ARTSHARKS Blog family, please email blog@artsharks.net.

Below are some short descriptions of our Blog Family’s writers:

He Said, She Said

In the beginning, there was no need to hold back. They could talk for hours, about anything. If she gad a problem with him, she would tell him and if he had a problem with her, he would tell her. Being he or she was easy – they always knew what the other was thinking. Then one day, though neither can pinpoint the exact moment, he decided it was best to keep his thoughts to himself and she did the same – some would say it just made life easier. Time went by, he slowly lost touch with what she was thinking and she slowly lost touch with what he was thinking – some would say this made like impossible. Today, he or she doesn’t have a clue what the other thinks… To bridge the gap, we will pick an Art-related* topic to discuss. He will speak his mind. She will speak her mind. Will they every see eye to eye and begin to understand each other again? Or will she jet back to Venus defeated while he sails home to Mars, with his tail between his legs?

*defining this is like answering the age old question “What is Art?”, so we won’t.

Cat Among the Pigeons

She is a rambler and a raconteur, and while not quite sure what those are supposed to mean, likes the sound of it.

The Imaginary Historian

Called so because of the back-stories she used to make up in her head about the dreary sybheacts sat across from her on the tube journey to her 9-5. The Imaginary historian now wishes she’d written them down.

The Imaginary Historian now lives in Paris, where the tube journeys are shorter and less dull. Dividing her time between working in a gallery and teaching, she writes about the art and galleries she comes across while pottering around the city, whether they be of historical or imaginary importance.

Twitter: @Lindsay_Marsh

Noel Worthington-Smythe

I’m a fine art dealer and amateur painter living in Devon, England. After I sold my studio in the West End of London and retired, I decided to explore the world of art by visiting different cultures around the globe.

I wanted to understand the differences between nations, and how they express their feelings through their visual arts. I needed to see what they were saying (not hear them speak about their feelings), because I knew I did not have the time to learn so many languages.

My journey took four years. During this time, I visited all five continents, and travelled to many fascinating places. When I returned a week ago with my collection of more than 2,000 photographs, I decided to start this blog and share my understandings of them. I’m hoping others will join me on this journey, and share their own experiences too.

Mason Rivers

Mason Rivers is an artist and writer who has been writing successfully for over 7 years.

In his words: “There is only one way to write – to paint and sculpt a vivid story that the reader can fully understand and relate with. The words must appeal to the essence of their nature – what they desire on an emotional, physical, and psychological basis.”

During his pursuit of literary perfection (and with the help of 4 and a half years of military service) he has travelled the world, expanding his mind and perspective. His study of psychology has refined his craft as the understanding of people’s wants, needs, and subsequent behavior led to a fine-tuning of the art.

Dot Black

My name is Dot Black. I have various interests and I’m constantly ”under construction”

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