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In The Lost no. 2 by Zhang Jie

In The Lost no. 2 by Zhang Jie

A self-portrait; the series In The Lost of the artist presents different depiction of the artist’s moods in a pensive and detached way like “You’ve seen me at this but you should not judge me because you don’t know what I’m going through.”

How does being lost depicted by the pensive air of the girl in the portrait?

Being alone and unhappy always defined by one word and that is “lost”. And how could a person’s pensive mood be defined other than “feeling lost.” Lost where or when? It doesn’t matter when and where did she felt the beginning of such feelings; what matters most is that there are persons who could deduce the depth of feelings with just one look at an individual’s “faraway look.”

The beginning of an unhappy thought would encroach on you without warning and bewildering, some may call for help but others will bottle it up inside discrete with that lost look.

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