Bared Hilarity

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When You Smile Your Shadow Laughs by YueMinjun

When You Smile Your Shadow Laughs by YueMinjun

A naked man is depicted straddling a folding chair; balancing his weight his face contorted with mirth. A smudge of pale blackish color is under the chair and you could draw a suggestednuance from the title of it being the man’s and the chair’s shadow.

From where did his alacrity stemmed?

Mirth, joy and laughter could be instigatedby anything that tickled a flesh and blood being’s impressions, sending bubbly shivers all throughout the physique overflowing as laughter or mirth from the an aperture that is the mouth in staccato bubbly sounds fused with contortions of the facial muscles and the quivering of the whole body or just the upper part of the torso.

As part of a series where the artist depicts himself frozen in laughter in as many narrative posture as he could think about this picture is a fantastical representation of his deep sense of humor.

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