Captivating Candidness

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Beijing Girl by Zhang XiangmingBeijing Girl by Zhang Xiangming

A portrait of a beautiful young woman is depicted in the picture;in her full, blooming and blushed candid countenance. Eyes painstakingly and lovingly etched into the canvass, blushed cheeks matching the lushness of her lips seemingly looking at you directly; whichever perspective you view or take in the image of this excellent surrealistic masterpiece.

An expression on shrewd innocence yet never eloquent peeks through the candidness of her eyes. The lushness of her red lips and the matching red blushes on her cheeks look beautiful but never enhancing. Only the innocence glimpsed from her eyes belie the implied garishness of her blushes and lipstick.

To whom are the cheeks and lips tints intended for?  These may imply something in her that’s never perceived by the others that have as yet pass this life and at one point had touched hers.

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