The View from A window

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Still Life with Windmill by Roy LichtensteinStill Life with Windmill by Roy Lichtenstein

The favorite still life models; a pitcher full of water and few fruits were etched into a work replete of diagonal lines on the walls and in the windmill outside. The narrative here is composed of many different objects all arranged and presented as one.

For what is implied by the artist by the diagonal ribbings of the wall paper. Where this lines put there for contrast and spice or were this representing some hidden implications we’re just reading it wrong yet.

The pitcher and the fruits are depicted ads plane smooth and shiny objects enhanced by the opened glass doors. The tables and walls in its entire diagonal glory could be presenting some problems and difficulties blatantly implied for a parent to reply no. For who could hardened hearts to a beseeching voice adding lucidity to an otherwise wisecracking world.

Awake and Half Asleep

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Bedroom Face with Orange Wall PaperBedroom Face with Orange Wall Paper

A gathering of disparate images collected and organized into one picture. A modern genre of media was used in the preparation of this work of art. Pop art for some presents a wonderful aspect that they could appreciate and relate to forming a bond of connection so strong they will always appreciate whatever, whenever and wherever they are confronted with Pop Art.

The face of the woman depicted here tells all its own story through her facial expression with the reflections contained by her eyes. The averted face and slightly agape mouth enhances the implied narrative highlighted by the colorful pillows and the slightly windblown curtain at the window.

A story; unique and very sore if you judge the narrative by the emotions glimpsed at the eyes that’s slightly teary. Was she awaken up from a beautiful and happy dream or from a garish and death defying nightmare and had she awaken vigorous or lethargic, needing something for a perk me up game. 

Marilyn In My Dreams

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Marilyn by Andy WarholMarilyn by Andy Warhol

With this picturepaid homage to the iconic beauty of Marilyn Monroe depicted in this picture as though an individual associated with fantasy. Orange hair supplemented the implied iconic personality of the artist’s idol.

Famous for his depictions of the portraits of famous persons the artist have a few collection of true masterpieces as it is. Abstracted; the image had drawn another part of the artist’s preferred genre. For shielded from upfront ridicule the artist provided Marilyn another level of obscurity.

Adoration and not only rapport lurked in every possible crack, nook and cranny but every time an abstraction is presented some petty and vulgar person will always interrupt the view with a rather twisted irony. That is but sometimes crazy notion of fanatical involvement but in the case of this artist subtlety is my world now.

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