Caught Unawares

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CaughtUnawaresSleepless Nights, by TuHongtao

A doll like figure of a girl leaning over an unmade bed, wistfully staring at nothing while a huge vista is offered to her by a fully opened glassed window. An elfin figure with her is attending to a business all its own. Both remain unaware, listless and unable to sleep, or perhaps keeping themselves awake.

The woman’s doll like features and posture is suggestive of a solemn psyche and remains highly suggestive of blatent sexuality. The vacant stare and the leaning posture hints of an interrupted sleep, or the process of getting up. The elfin figure also show signs of nocturnal activity whether as result of deprived sleep or an act to alienate sleep.

The Spartan state of the room belies the dignified way the woman held herself. The rumpled bed and tiny shorn skirts may be the outcome of a struggle or caused by the woman’s apathy. Open windows are suggestive of a non-clandestine affair.

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