Flow and Harmony

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Blue no. 1 by Chen Yu

Blue no. 1 by Chen Yu

This picture is representative of a unique modern media employed by many modern artists to create masterpieces. Here is a display of the harmony created by free flowing colors allowed to drift and roll in fluidity; up to the section of the canvass it could satisfyingly cover. There drying in the warmth created by the humidity of the atmosphere and afterwards in its dry state displaying colors so varied but cohesive in celebrating the beauty of a masterpiece’s simplicity.

Colors vibrant and intense contrasting in hues and tones; brought together by the artist and were tilted and allowed full freedom of mobility to create a work of art perplexing yet so profoundly meaningful if you take but a few minutes to gaze at its scenic arrangement.

Abstracts are created as extensions of the artist’s emotions and ideas. For who could predict what thoughts would flow and pass a person’s mind.

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