Nails and Wires

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Untitled by James Rosen

Untitled by James Rosen

A monochromatic presentation of abstract lines worked into the canvas, created through strokes and gestures. The painting is symbolic and haunting through the stark representation of blacks, greys and browns hues.

A beautiful landscape of blurred strokes, defined lines and feathered blows. A gathering of seemingly different picture assembled into a collage yet uncollected in its denseness. A stark reminder that not only colorful master pieces could draw depth and intensity from a response.

Judge it by the view you first perceive or by the emotion you will identify from the lightness of some strokes and by the firmness of all the lines. Landscapes, half faced portraits, couple walking hand in hand and children frolicking are just a few of the collaged pictures you may distinguish from the presentation. While seen from another perspective you would identify storms, collapsing bridges, fallen trees and raging waterfalls. Whichever you alone is the master of the scene you comprehend and notice, nobody else.

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