Pointed Footsteps

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Shoes by Andy Warhol

Shoes by Andy Warhol

Shoes from the start was made because of necessity. Shoes evolved into what it is in the new generation because of the innovations done on it because of requirement. Requirement and necessity are synonyms but yet could convey opposing connotation caused by its use.

From where did requirement stemmed?

As humans progressed and as the world changes there came a much needed journey to be made in order to countenance continuousness of existence. Hence foot coverings came to about because of the need to cover the foot as the medium of flight. Birds, fishes and other animate beings other than humans where given inherent protection for their medium of conveyance that never did they have to resort to invention.

Alas; woe to the man, given with an intrinsic intellect to manage everything on Earth. Nature had forgotten the precious covering for the feet or that’s the purpose intellect was awarded to them.

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