Psychedelic Breakers

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Origins by Jean-Francois Suys

Origins by Jean-Francois Suys

The artist is an advocate of his own artistic style which he dubs as “Empathism” in which he creates kaleidoscopic arts through allowing colors full freedom and mobility. He controls the movements of colors in the canvass but how the colors merge and unite he left to their own organic compositions.

Work of Arts vibrant in its contrasting glory, beautiful and majestic in its own right. Inviting judgmental edicts for its inept vulgarity or for its pure wholesomeness. Whichever it is, freedom to form the critique is granted whole heartedly when the masterpiece is presented for everybody whose sights are engaged and drawn forth.

For what is a picture without an audience and who the audience without perceptions is. Pictures almost always hid nuances of information or impressions behind every curve, line contrast and consistency. When presented an abstract is wholly offered to the discernments of the ones taking in the views.

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