Raised by the Devil

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“Rise of the Divine Feminine” by Jaison Cianelli


“Rise of the Divine Feminine” by Jaison Cianelli

What if you were raised by the devil? And what if he treated you well. Would your life be a heavenly haven of affection or a neglected cocoon in hell?

What if you didn’t know your origins until a year and a day after it was too late? A year and a day too late to break a spell, too late to free yourself from the fires of hell?

What if you were stolen and trained to fight him, what if you were taken by angels and learned their tongue? And then if they brought you through fire and placed in your hands a brimstone-loaded gun?

What if your wings black by the daylight, weathered and worn like the wings of a bat; and what if at night they shore iridescent, golden and ivory and silk-sleek as matte…

What if he loved you, truly? Would that make him any less of a devil, or yourself any less his spawn? And if he raised you smart and unruly, and blessed you with devilish charm?


source: http://jaison-cianelli.artistwebsites.com/featured/rise-of-the-divine-feminine-jaison-cianelli.html

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