Searching for Perfection

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Stop Searching by Jennifer BalkanStop Searching by Jennifer Balkan

Which one is better? Standing between one and the other, I don’t know which one to pick. I have never known how to make a decision. I have never learned how to make a choice.

There are so many things to choose from and it’s overwhelming at times. There are so many layers and ways things can go. I want to make the best of it, but I don’t know where my choice will take me.

Standing between one and the other, I behave like a spoiled brat. It’s not that I’m spoiled, I’m undecided. Or maybe I’m not?

Looking at red, I want green. Looking at the left, I want the right.

Candies melt in my hand, slowly changing and cease to be what they were when I started searching for the better, for the best one. Time passes, things change, candies melt.

Just take any. Candy is a candy.

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