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stefanie-schneider-untitled-photographs-digital-printUntitled by Stefanie Schneider

I breathe in the salty air and it fills my lungs with a sence of calmness. Everything is fine, I can smell it. I feel the hot sand beneath my feet. I leave footsteps in the sand that will be washed away with the first wave.

Summer teaches me that everything is beautiful in its own way. Summer shows me that everything lasts for a lot less than I think. Heat and wind carry things away fastly, not allowing a memory to settle. Summer teaches me that it´s fine that way. Making peace with that opens a whole new world for me- wide, open and painfully colourful.

Each moment is like a grain of sand. Yes, it is hard to keep and it will slip through my fingers. But summer teaches me to see the beauty in it. Summer teaches me to leave the sand to the summer wind, because it knows the best. The only thing I need to do is to look ahead with a bit of sand. Light as sand. Wise as summer.

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