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Language as NavigationLanguage as Navigation by N.S. David

The only real escape is imagination. I imagine new worlds and new days, new gods and new ways.  

I am like the Sisyphus, every day I wake up just to imagine a new world and escape from this one. But I refuse to believe that my stone rolls the same way back as Sisyphus’s does, I refuse to believe that my escapes are as futile as his painful tries. I leave the Sisyphus at his punishment and I go to my world without masters.

I climb up the mountain and I look at what I’ve left behind.  I follow my desire for freedom that burns in my chest.  I know I’m at the right place when a flake of fresh new world lands on my forehead. I let the whispers of Imagination guide me and I follow her language as navigation. I surrender to the wide beautiful space and peace that surrounds me.

All is good.

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